Is AllianceBlock Fundrs First ERC-20 Dua Token App Launch A Sustainable Startup Seed Funding Model For Migrants?

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The world has changed so much in 2 years. Who am I kidding? It changed a long time ago!

And with TradFi being so wonderfully slow as it is (sorry TradFi, it’s true – we ALL know it’s true!), things haven’t sped up quite as much as one would expect. It still takes 3 – 6 business days, mind you, to get your bucks across borders. 3 -6 days!

It does seem that AllianceBlock has pulled off a feat here. DeFi Startup Funding! So if you’re stuck in a country that’s not home, you can still possibly access funding for your startup idea, even when things are still all so strange in the beginning. Fundrs specifically designed the platform for people in your shoes!

It might be a strange country right now, but with a funding platform that specifically targets migrants … who knows what you could do to turn things around! Who knows!

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